Bridlington drivers urged to kill speed

Bempton Lane Bridlington.'Michael Singh started road safety initiative.-- 'NBFP PA1411-8
Bempton Lane Bridlington.'Michael Singh started road safety initiative.-- 'NBFP PA1411-8

A PCSO is taking action to stop speeding traffic along a Bridlington road.

PCSO Michael Singh, backed by Bridlington’s Neighbourhood Police Team, began recording traffic speed along Bempton Lane earlier this month and has already sent 18 letters to drivers caught breaking the 30 mile an hour limit.

He was alerted to the problem by residents in the area complaining of vehicles travelling very fast down the Lane.

“I think there will be a bad accident there because it is a fast straight road,” said PCSO Singh, who will present the findings to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

He said: “We are going to try and start something enforceable. If we get enough figures we can then go to the council and ask them what they can do about it.

“It is about public safety ultimately, the residents up there are terrified to come off their drives.

“I think speeding is bang out of order. The problem we have got is we have got a few roads coming off Bempton Lane and cars are pulling out of there, seeing a car at the top of the hill and by the time it is out the car is right up behind them. I think there have been a few near misses up there.

“In my area it is the only thing people are complaining about and cars do appear to be flying round there.”

PCSO Singh plans to extend his survey area to West Crayke and will continue measuring the traffic speed until enough data has been collated to present to the council.

His ambition is to see traffic calming measures introduced along Bempton Lane to deter drivers from speeding along the road.