Bridlington criminal tried to kill himself in prison

Gareth Rugg.
Gareth Rugg.
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A WELL known Bridlington criminal has tried to commit suicide in prison while awaiting sentence for attacking a British Transport Policeman.

Gareth Rugg, 32, who has 238 offences for 73 court appearances, was rushed to hospital needing 27 stitches to his neck after slashing himself with a razor blade in Hull Prison.

Rugg, of Great Meadow Road had been recalled to continue serving part of a 13-month sentence imposed in September last year when he cut himself bleeding heavily.

Rugg appeared pale with a high neck shirt on in the dock of Hull Crown Court on Friday for sentence still bearing the scars.

At an earlier hearing he had pleaded guilty to two charges of assault and a breach of his Anti-Social Behaviour Order in Hull Train Station.

He was trying to catch a train back to Bridlington on March 12 when he relieved himself in front of passengers. Rugg punched security guard Richard Price giving him a black eye.

When BTP officer Philip Moss tried to make an arrest Rugg lashed out with his foot and kicked him on the leg.

His defence barrister Paul Genney said following the attempt on his life a probation report had suggested a further psychological report was needed before sentence.

He said: “There has been an incident in custody. Quite a serious incident. He bears the scars today There has been a suggestion that perhaps the mental health team should prepare a report on his attitude to a community order.

He is getting tired of this predicament and wants to know if there is anything that can be done fix himself.”

Recorder Paul Kirtley said: “This offence cries out for this. It shows his eccentric behaviour.” He said he would order a report on his mental stability before the sentencing hearing on August 17. Rugg was remanded in custody.

Rugg, a fisherman, had a wretched childhood and became a nuisance to Bridlington residents. He was once ordered by the Crown Court to leave Bridlington for 12 months and go to live in Wales. He lasted 48-hours before he was arrested back in Bridlington.