Brid sex-pest jailed

A SERIAL Bridlington flasher has been sentenced to three years in prison after being deemed a danger to the public.

Sex-pest John Nicholson, 18, committed four offences involving flashing.

His latest victims were two schoolgirls aged 15 and 14, who were out in South Back Lane, Bridlington.

Nicholson, of Jameson Road, upset the girls when he dropped his trousers after a heated argument about being told to leave them alone.

He had earlier made a sexual suggestion and Crown barrister David Cammies told the court Nicholson had pulled his trousers down in the street and held his manhood in front of the girls.

One of the teenagers said the incident had ‘freaked her out’. A nearby resident came out to exchange words with Nicholson, who made off.

Nicholson pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent exposure on November 15 2010 and a charge of a breach of his Sexual Offences’ Prevention Order.

Hull Crown Court heard last Friday how he had been before the youth court in November 2009 for two offences of exposure and given a referral order.

In August 2010 he appeared at Hull Magistrates’ Court for one offence of exposure and one of battery.

Mr Cammies said the incident last year involved Nicholson making sexual suggestions.

He was on a bus when a 20-year-old woman complained of him making a sexual remark.

He followed her off the bus and later pulled down his trousers and with his hand on his manhood asked the woman to perform a sex act – continued on Page 3

on him.

A Humberside probation worker told the court she did not feel the service could manage his risk in the community and wanted him to attended a 12-month sex offenders’ treatment programme in custody.

The court heard Nicholson has a low IQ and had recently begun to harm himself.

“He is very sorry for what he has done,” said his barrister James Keeley. “He knows he has a problem and wants help.

“He realises if he continues acting in this way, people may hurt him.

“Prison is hard on him. He has been away from his family and he has been away from his dog.”

Sentencing him to three years in a Young Offenders’ Institution, Judge Simon Jack said: “The last time you were in court for exposure, you were made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

“Despite that, you were out doing it again on November 15 – exposing yourself to two young girls.

“There are worrying reports that suggest a high-risk of serious harm to others.

“I take the view you are a very serious offender. There has to be a significant prison sentence to reflect that.”

Nicholson was told he would probably have to stay in prison for 12 months before qualifying for early release as he had already served 140 days.

He was ordered to sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely and be made the subject of an indefinite Sex Offenders’ Prevention Order.