Brid kids in gang war

SCORES of Bridlington youngsters – some allegedly armed with weapons – invaded Driffield to take part in a gang war started on Facebook.

The teenagers and younger children, all believed to be from Headlands School, arrived in Driffield by train shortly before 6pm on Monday.

They were there to confront pupils from Driffield School after “war” between the two groups had been declared on the social network websites Facebook and Twitter by the Headlands students.

The Bridlington gangs were met at Driffield Railway Station by police, but it is believed many managed to give them the slip – and running clashes were reported at various locations around the town.

Police riot vans were used in a bid to quash the violent clashes which were centred around North End Park.

Facebook and Twitter were buzzing with talk of the clashes.

“It’s gone mental in Driff! They have brought knives and hammers and baseball bats,” one comment said, with another message claiming: “Someone’s been stabbed apparently.”

Another Twitter user said: “Facebook has been taken over by everyone talking about the fight.”

“Hopefully Driff will win but hopefully no-one gets hurt,” they added.

One Facebook user said: “Some Brid kids went to fight Driff kids but the police turned up and sent them home.”

Trevor Davis, landlord of the Sidings pub, at Driffield Railway Station, said there was a heavy police presence at the station from 6pm onwards as groups of youngsters started getting off the trains from Bridlington.

Later that evening Mr Davis said there were about six police officers at the station stopping any youngsters arriving at the platform from heading into town.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said officers escorted a train back from Driffield to Bridlington with some youths on board, but no offences were committed or arrests made.

Many of the youngsters involved were believed to be from Headlands School, in Bridlington, and Driffield School.

Senior staff at both schools have confirmed they will be helping police with their enquiries.

Kent Walmsley, deputy headteacher at – continued on Page 3

Headlands School, said: “We have heard unsubstantiated rumours which we are currently investigating.

“We will, of course, co-operate fully with the police in the course of their investigations.”

Acting headteacher at Driffield School, Simon Jones, said: “We are aware of an incident taking place which was not on the school grounds.

“We are doing everything we can to help the police with their enquiries.”

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “Police were alerted to a group of youths having an altercation at North End Park.

“Officers attended the scene to find that a group of youths aged between 14 and 16 years had been involved in a fight.

“No-one received any serious injuries and no arrests were made.

“Fairway letters have been sent to all parties involved and all the children were escorted away from the area.”

Sgt Dave Jenkins, of the Driffield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said there had been suggestions that the Headlands youths could return and the public were asked to contact police if they saw any groups of youths congregating or engaging in anti-social behaviour.