BREAKING NEWS: Man pleads not guilty to Bridlington guest house murder

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Breaking News

A man accused of murdering Bridlington landlady Bei Carter has pleaded not guilty at Hull Crown Court.

John Heald, 53, is charged with three offences of rape in South Yorkshire on July 13 2014 and the murder of Bei Carter of the Morayland Guest House in Bridlington on July 18.

Heald, of Rotherham, made a 15-minute appearance before Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, the most senior judge at Hull Crown Court today (Friday 8 November).

He pleaded not guilty to three charges of rape and also pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bridlington landlady Bei Carter.

Crown barrister Graham Reeds set out the legal timetable and said the original indictment of 10 rape charges had been dropped to three.

Bei carter, 49, who ran the Morayland Guest House on Marshall Avenue with her husband Terry, was found dead at the premises after suffering fatal injuries on Friday 18 July this year.

More to follow in this week’s Bridlington Free Press print edition.