BREAKING: Carnaby maniac facing long sentence

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A man has been told by a judge he faces a lengthy jail term after being convicted of making threats to kill and false imprisonment.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Jonathan Ruane that there is a real likelihood he poses a real and substantial threat to members of the public after he was convicted of charges of false imprisonment and threats to kill of his girlfriend in Carnaby, near Bridlington.

Ruane, 34, who said “he wanted to eat cornflakes out of his girlfriend’s skull” angrily shouted out: “I would have got a fairer trial in Nazi Germany if I was Jewish! This was not a fair trial!”

Judge Richardson, QC, replied: “Take him down please. You will come back in nine weeks.” The judge told the jury at Hull Crown Court: “He will receive a sentence of some substance. There is a real likelihood he possess a real and substantial threat to members of the public. I shall assess all that on the next occasion, but rest assured he is going to be put out of operation for quite some time.”

Ruane of Freshfields, Covert Lane, Carnaby, held his girlfriend and 11-year-old daughter hostage in their home for more than seven hours during which he hit his girlfriend on hip with a hammer, spat at her, slapped and verbally abused her. She was so terrified she tried to jump out of a first-floor window. He ordered his daughter to hit his girlfriend’s head in with a hammer. When she screamed and refused he said “no child of mine cries.”

The jury heard of Ruane’s violent past. He was sentenced to seven years for kidnap and assault in Manchester in 2002. He kidnapped a 25-year-old woman outside a court who was punched and kicked before being bungled into a car. Ruane, along with two others, wanted to find her boyfriend following a dispute over a drugs debt. When they caught up on him he was attacked with a machete and had boiling chip fat poured on him.

Ruane was released from prison only to move from Manchester to Bridlington with his girlfriend. They lived in Bridlington guest houses before settling in Carnaby after seven months. She said she did not know where he got his money from but bought £2,000 worth of cocaine at a time.

The woman told the jury on the night of the attack she suspected he had taken cocaine and alcohol and a row started because he had no cigarettes: “I thought I was going to die. He kept saying he was going to kill me, kill my mum, my nephew, my sister. He said he was going to kill my children and my mum and make me watch. He said he was going to dig my nana out of her grave and eat cornflakes out of her skull.”

“He said he was going to chop my head off and eat cornflakes out of it.

She said Ruane threatened to kill the £500 Chihuahua he bought her called Coco. He sang, “hot dog, jumping frog.” When asked about the skull statements in court he called them “ridiculous” adding “I don’t’ even like cornflakes – I’m more of a Coco Pops man myself. Who eats cornflakes out of skulls? It’s ludicrous.”

The woman told the jury Ruane slept with hammer, knife and scissors under the bed because he thought he could see people hiding in the bushes and would spend up to £2,000 on cocaine and drink up to three bottle of Jack Daniels in one session.

She said: “He is not a small man. He is huge. He frightens you to death. He will sit and stare at you for two hours and won’t let you move. When he was angry: His eyes go black. He is scary. He is like the devil. He says he is going to skin you alive. He is going to eat your body. He puts the fear of God into you.”

“He laughs when he does it. It is like he was getting real pleasure.” Ruane’s daughter told the jury she no longer called him dad and backed up the woman’s account saying he also beat her mother.

Ruane often wept in the dock protesting “the woman he loved” was lying about him. He had to be repeatedly reminded by the judge to behave in a proper manner. He claims to be suffering from psychiatric problems and had not taken his medication that day claiming the row started because the woman accused him of womanising. The judge said he wanted a full report from the Prison psychiatrist, to establish what it is and if it was genuine before he is sentenced in nine-weeks time.

Ruane was remanded in custody.