Border alert for Bridlington teenager

An all-borders alert has been put on Jasper Markham, 19, who absconded to Spain
An all-borders alert has been put on Jasper Markham, 19, who absconded to Spain

Police have been given an international arrest warrant for a Bridlington teenager who has stuck two fingers up at the courts and fled to Spain to avoid punishment.

An all-borders alert has been put on Jasper Markham, 19, after he said he could not complete his 240 hours community order because he has left Bridlington to work in Marbella, Spain.

Recorder Lionel Prosser said: “He can either stay in Marbella for the rest of his life or not, but he will be arrested when he returns to this country.”

Hull Crown Court heard (Monday June 29) Markham is in breach of a 12-month community order imposed for punching his sister’s former partner until he was unconscious and spitting in the mouth of police custody officer.

Markham of Queensgate Square, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court on Friday October 24 2014 for sentencing after admitting a charge of Section 4 public order and assaulting a person in a public office.

At the time of the assault Markham was in breach of a 10-month suspended sentence for grievous bodily harm and risked prison.

He has convictions for supplying drugs to support a £200 habit, selling cannabis and grievous bodily harm.

In the latest hearing Crown barrister Catherine Kioko-Gillian was asked where Markham was in the probation service breach hearing. She replied “He is in Marbella, your honour.”

Recorder Prosser said: “Yes I thought he was. Well I am going to issue an arrest warrant not backed for bail.”

On April 28 2015 Markham appeared at the probation office in East Yorkshire saying he was going on holiday. He wanted leave from being punished. He had a boarding card for Leeds Bradford airport flying to Malaga.

He failed to attend two appointments to work on May 18 and June 1.

Letters were sent to his home address explaining he was in breach of the court punishment and warning he could be re-sentenced if he did not appear at Hull Crown Court to give an explanation. His mother rang the probation service saying he had gone to work in Marbella.

The warrant means he can be arrested on sight and his name placed on Interpol records. Although Spain is part of the EU extradition can be lengthy.

Sentencing last year Judge Michael Mettyear told Markham: “On the face of it you are extremely lucky to have your sentence deferred. Bear this in mind, you have a nasty record for violence and before long you will be going to prison for a long time.

“Any breaches of this work will mean you will back before me and you will go to prison.”

Markham had completed 123 of the 240 hours of unpaid work in his 12-month community order.