Beeford flasher with fetish for female horse riders sentenced by court

Rodney Walker outside Hull Crown Court.
Rodney Walker outside Hull Crown Court.

A PERVERTED flasher with a bizarre fetish for women horse riders has been told he must keep his hands to himself for three years.

Rodney Walker, 42, stalked a female equestrian who made the mistake of saying hello to him as she passed while he was cycling around rural country lanes between Beeford and Driffield.

The woman rider admitted she said hello to him twice at separate points on her ride out before returning home to her stable. Walker had turned his cycle around and followed her lying in wait near a five-bar gate.

His unsuspecting victim turned around to hear him grunting with a strange look on his face. She glanced down to see his trousers were pulled down. He was performing a sex act on himself in a state of arousal.

Jobless Walker then lunged towards her with his hand just missing contact with her face. Frightened she swung the horse around to protect herself. She walked the horse away. Walker then followed her along farmyard fencing.

She quickly tethered the horse only to see Walker’s face again watching her through a fence. She told police: “I may have said hello to him when he was cycling. It is normal when you are out riding.”

She said it happened twice before she returned from her trek of more than a mile.

“When I saw what he was doing I was totally shocked. He reached out as if he was trying to get hold of me.

“I quickly swung the horse between us. He followed me. I tethered the horse. He was standing next to a three metre fence looking to see if he could see me. I became extremely afraid at what else he might do. She called her mother on her mobile telephone who called the police.”

“No one has lawful authority to expose themselves to me,” said the rider in her statement.

“I would like the police to take any action they feel appropriate against the person responsible.”

Walker of Main Street, Beeford, was charged with exposure and attempted sexual assault.

Following three psychiatric reports he was judged not fit to plead. A jury took less than an hour to find he did the act in a trial at Hull Crown Court.

His defence barrister Anil Murray said in police interview Walker admitted he was the person who exposed himself to the rider and tried to grab her. Walker admitted that the act was sexual and the motive was excitement.

Judge Mark Bury took pity on Walker saying he had an IQ of 60 and believed the price of a tin of beans was £8.

He sentenced Walker to a three-year community order to confront his sexual offending problems and allowed him to walk free.