Assault charge is dismissed; husband bound over

AN ESTRANGED husband must keep the peace for 12 months.

Husau Ciftci, 32, of Jude Road, Bridlington, was bound over to keep the peace after an assault charge was dismissed.

Bridlington magistrates heard Ciftci was alleged to have taken a bottle of wine from his wife and smashed it on their garden footpath on July 2. His wife, Kerry Louise Ciftci, received a couple of small cuts as a result.

Prosecutor Brian Clark said Mrs Ciftci had since said she did not want to proceed with the matter or attend court to give evidence.

“The incident, whilst unacceptable, was relatively minor,” Mr Clark said.

Lawrence Watts, representing Mr Ciftci, said he accepted he could have dealt with the incident in a more constructive fashion.

He said Mr Ciftci, who works in the catering business, often sent food home from work to ensure his children had a decent evening meal. On July 2 he had come home relatively late in the evening to find the children had not been fed.

“Not only that but he found Kerry and two other ladies drinking a substantial quantity of wine,” said Mr Watts.

He added the couple were now building a mature, supportive relationship for their children.

Mr Ciftci was bound over at £100 to keep the peace for 12 months.