Addict jailed for multiple offences

Katie Rose, Bridlington villain
Katie Rose, Bridlington villain

A heroin addict has been jailed for 18 months for betraying the kindness of her boyfriend’s mother who gave her a roof when she was homeless - only to pawn £1,500 of her gold jewellery.

Katie Rose, 30, used the Bridlington Cash Express store to pawn diamond and sapphire rings, two gold chains, a gold cross, gold earrings and two lockets – one in the shape of a heart – belonging to her late-boyfriend’s mother.

She misspent the money on drugs and alcohol. To add insult to injury, she committed two further shop thefts on police bail and breached a 34-week suspended prison sentence for handling £3,500 worth of computers stolen from PC Worx in Springfield Avenue, Bridlington.

Sentencing her at Hull Crown Court Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Rose she was a “thoroughly dishonest woman” who had committed “mean and unpleasant crimes.”

Rose, of Trinity Road, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (Tuesday March 3) after pleading guilty to a charge of handling stolen goods between April 9 and May 7 2014. Rose also admitted two shop thefts in November and breaching the terms of her suspended-prison sentence, imposed in July 2014.

Crown barrister Julia Baggs said Rose, who has 66 previous convictions, was initially given a 34-week suspended sentence imposed in July last year for handling stolen goods.

She was caught when shopkeeper Andrew Miller refused to be beaten when burglars smashed their way into PC Worx on Springfield Avenue, Bridlington, stealing £3,500 worth of computers, cameras and accessories.

Mr Miller tracked down a social media site run by Rose offering “Items for sale in Bridlington.” He knew the property was his and went to the flat to confront Rose and her boyfriend Graham White.

Ms Baggs said the second offence was pawning the gold jewellery belonging to her boyfriend’s mother. She said White had asked his mother if Rose could stay at her home for three weeks. Rose had door key and was able to come and go as she pleased. However, after she left in April last year, the jewellery was noticed to be missing. It was traced to an account Rose had with Cash Express for two years. The court heard Rose and White regularly sold jewellery there.

While on bail, Rose was spotted in the One Stop store in Bridlington, stealing a £9 bottle of wine and on November 14 stealing three bottles of vodka from the Iceland store in Bridlington.

Defence barrister Paul Norton said Rose had lost two partners in the space of almost two months and had been in prison four weeks after being arrested. “Her mother, who previously despaired with her daughter has visited her in Newhall Prison and seen a positive change in her character,” said Mr Norton. “Prison has allowed her to escape from her addiction. Her main concern is she will lose her home where the rent is paid until the end of April.”

Sentencing Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Rose: “You are a thoroughly-dishonest woman. You knew full well where these items had come from. It was expensive jewellery, not just in economic terms, but in emotional value to its owner.

“This was a mean and unpleasant aspect. You went with your partner to pawn the items for money. I have little doubt the money was miss spent on your utterly disorderly life. And while on bail you committed further breaches by further shop thefts. To add insult to injury you were in breach of a suspended sentence order.

“You have led an utterly dissolute and disorderly life. You are addicted to alcohol and drugs. You have numerous previous convictions for crimes of dishonesty. You have displayed a total disregard for law and order and you now fall to be punished for what you have done.

“I am told you are beginning to face up to your desolate lifestyle. I hope that is true, because if you don’t reform, the sentences will get longer and longer; and your life will be in greater desolation than it has already been.”

“This is a chance to reform. Take it, or you life be ruined.”