Crash man had just ‘5% chance’ to live

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A Bridlington father-of-two has told of how he died and came back to life after being impaled on a metal fence post which went right through his stomach.

Thomas Biggin, 25, suffered the horrific injury in a road accident when his car left the road and ended up in a ravine near Danes Dykes, Flamborough, last year.

He said: “The doctors only gave me a five per cent chance to live. I was in bed for a month. I just can’t believe I’m here really.”

Police closed Flamborough Road for several hours following the single-vehicle crash which happened at around 2am on October 23.

Mr Biggin, of Havelock Crescent, who was the driver of the car, a blue Vauxhall Astra, was rushed to intensive care at Hull Royal Infirmary. He survived because the metal post had missed his vital organs by inches.

Meanwhile, his friend, a 27-year-old passenger in the car was taken to Scarborough Hospital with minor injuries, but was released soon afterwards.

Mr Biggin described how he was literally “holding his guts in” while trying to rouse his friend who had been knocked unconscious.He said: “I think I died and came back. The next thing I knew the fire fighters were trying to get me out and I could smell petrol.”

Although he’ll be on medication for the rest of his life and has lost his spleen, Mr Biggin says he’s lucky to be alive. He’s now looking for a job, possibly in construction.He said he looks at life differently now, and that the recent birthday of his young son was extra special.