Crackdown on nuisance neighbours

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Nuisance neighbours on a Bridlington street have been told they could face police action if they continue allowing anti-social behaviour to take place.

In the first residential property Closure Order in the county, action taken against 22 Haslemere Avenue means neighbours won’t have to put up with nuisance neighbours anymore.

The order will give the police powers to make an immediate arrests if anyone is found within the property regardless of whether they have committed ASB or criminal offences.

If people breach the order by entering the address they can be arrested and prosecuted for failure to comply with the order and face being fined and/or imprisoned for up to six months.

Police applied for the order after reports of numerous offences requiring police or council involvement. These included:

• Serious assaults that left victims requiring hospital treatment.

• Arrests for the possession of class A drugs.

• People using the address were wanted for failure to appear at court.

• Assault of a Police Officer.

• ASB ranging from a man urinating naked from a window into the street, someone setting a mattress of fire while drunk and people causing a general nuisance to other residents.

The application by Humberside Police was heard at Beverley Magistrates Court on Thursday 3 March where the Closure Order was granted for three months under Section 76 of the Anti–Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Councillor Shaun Horton said: “The behaviour of people visiting the address was so bad that the neighbouring properties have stood empty for a long time. We will continue to work together to do everything we can to ensure Bridlington remains a safe place to live and visit.”