Couple's wedding ring returned after detectorist's find on Bridlington beach

Joanne Shorten and Chris Williams who found the ring.
Joanne Shorten and Chris Williams who found the ring.

A Bridlington metal detectorist recovered a lost wedding ring on the beach and returned it to its owner just hours later.

Chris Williams, 58, found the ring in the sand and managed to return the item by calling a phone number which had been written on a rock.

The lost ring

The lost ring

Joanne Shorten, who has been married for 15 years, lost her wedding ring whilst playing on the beach with her children.

Joanne, from Leeds, said: “We were on holiday visiting my parents and went down to the beach to play catch with the ball and my ring fell off.

“We were there for around three to four hours and couldn’t find it.

“Even children started looking. It was quite nice – a lot of people who were on holiday came down and were searching with us.

Joanne left a note on a rock

Joanne left a note on a rock

“Another family who were helping us said that metal detector people sometimes come down so I left the rock in the area where we were searching.

“After about four hours we decided to go, but the other family were staying to have a BBQ so they said that they would see if someone came down with a metal detector they would ask them to search the area.

Chris, a mortuary technician at Scarborough Hospital, said: “I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“You often find things on the beach but you can’t always get them back to their owners.

“I was already on the beach and a man approached me saying a woman had lost her wedding ring and had been searching for hours.

“He said there was a rock in the sand where she lost it and when I got there she had carved her details in.”

It took Chris just ten minutes and he had the prized possession for its rightful owner.

Joanne added: “When he found it I was over the moon to say the least.”

Chris started metal detecting after seeing someone on the beach and he became “fascinated” and is “still hooked 42 years later”.

The wedding ring is one of many amazing finds such as Roman coin hoards, pieces of Viking swords and bronze age axes.

Chris added: “I don’t do it for profit – I do it for the history”.