Council ‘working on’ yellow line blitz

Town Hall Slip Road'Still no Signs put up to go with the yellow lines'PA1207-6
Town Hall Slip Road'Still no Signs put up to go with the yellow lines'PA1207-6

EAST Riding council are “working on” enforcing parking restrictions outside Bridlington Town Hall.

In December, the council said that it would look into placing a traffic regulation order on the Town Hall car park and one way road leading on to Quay Road.

The area has been painted with double yellow lines for a number of years, which were repainted in September last year, but this has not stopped vehicles parking as there has been no order in place to penalise them.

Bridlington resident Dennis Ashby, who works close to the town hall, asked the council how much the repainting of the yellow lines, and other markings, cost the taxpayer in a freedom of information request. He was told that the markings had cost a total of £12,288.22 - £8038.14 for planing out and resurfacing, £2880.94 for hydroblast lining removal and £1369.14 the relaying of new lining.

Despite this, cars are still parked on the double yellow lines today.

Mr Ashby said: “I am sick of the people of Bridlington being dictated to by the members of East Riding about marking, when they mark the town hall and it is not legal to enforce.”

In December, John Skidmore, head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said that he expected the order to be in place “by the end of January”.

A spokesperson for the council said that visitors and staff had been warned about parking sensibly and considerately ahead of the coming traffic order, which “is being progressed to enable these lines to be enforced in the near future”.