Council to look at memorial repairs

War Memorial'Cyril Marsburg Angry over the state of the memorial with cracks &frost damage'PA1047-11c
War Memorial'Cyril Marsburg Angry over the state of the memorial with cracks &frost damage'PA1047-11c

A REPORT to look into the poor state of repair of Bridlington’s war memorial will be prepared by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Bridlington Town Council members met with East Riding’s director of environment and neighbourhood services, Nigel Leighton, at the memorial last week, to show him examples of what they believe was shoddy workmanship when repairs were last completed in Autumn last year.

A spokesperson for Bridlington Town Council said: “The war memorial was becoming dangerous and needed a structural repair, but after the work was completed we felt it looked nowhere near as good as it should have done.

“At the meeting they said they would prepare a report.

“We are also looking into the possibility, as a town council, of taking responsibility for the care of the memorial in future.”

Repairs completed in the autumn involved taking down part of the memorial and rebuilding it using original stonework.

The work was needed as the memorial was starting to lean and become unsafe.

There had already been complaints from local residents and organisations that plaques were beginning to bow and it was looking shabby.

The spokesman for Bridlington Town Council said: “The stonework needs looking at because some of the stones are quite bad, we did not think it was a professional job.

“But our main concern is getting the two plaques either replaced or back to top condition.

“All town councillors support the initiative.”

Nigel Leighton, of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Council representatives met with members of Bridlington Town Council this morning to listen to their views on works recently undertaken to maintain the structural stability of the Bridlington War Memorial.

“A report on the monument from a recognised specialist will be completed to consider further enhancements to the memorial so as to ensure its condition for the future.”

According to East Riding Council, the report is expected to take around four to six weeks to complete.

If any repairs are recommended in the report, East Riding Council will be financially responsible.