Council to drain flooded Bridlington car park

The flooding on Beaconsfield Car Park.
The flooding on Beaconsfield Car Park.

A FLOODED car park is set to be drained after water covered more than half of its spaces for weeks.

The Beaconsfield car park, off Flamborough Road, was flooded when prolonged heavy rain hit the town during November – with over half of the car park out of action.

Now council officials say they are clearing drains on the site to remedy the problem, after the Free Press received a number of complaints from local residents.

After responding to a host of flooding incidents around the county over the past few weeks, East Riding of Yorkshire council sent workmen to the car park on Tuesday morning and water had begun to clear as we went to press on Wednesday morning.

John Skidmore, head of streetscene services at the council, said: “The council has responded to dozens of incidents of localised flooding across the East Riding over the past two weeks and sent a gully tanker and crew to Beaconsifeld Car Park on Tuesday morning to clear standing water.”

Johnny Connor, who lives on Albion Terrace close to the car park, said the problem has gone on for weeks.

He said: “About two thirds of the car park have been closed off, people can’t get in.

“If it continues, there’s always a chance that it could spill out of the car park into the basement properties all around it. I know it hasn’t happened yet, but the drains need clearing and the water needs to go somewhere.”

Anita Saffery, who works at Holiday Travel on Promenade, said: “The drainage system is not working at all, the water has frozen and the two thirds is unusable.

“The pay machines are only accessible by driving right up to the machine and leaning out of the window of the car, or donning a pair of wellingtons to wade/skid across.

“As we know we have got free parking for the weekends leading up to Christmas and now we have half of Palace car park shut off to make room to store heavy machinery and now the Beaconsfield that is only going to be used by the brave motorist.

“This is really going to encourage the visitors to our town. The water (when it’s not frozen) does start to evaporate but as soon as there is rainfall it fills up again.”