Council says ‘no’ to housing plan

Easton Road Master Plan
Easton Road Master Plan

BRIDLINGTON Town Council has objected to proposals to develop land near Easton Road for housing.

A public consultation into the private housing development was called to discuss the masterplan of a 43 acre greenfield site, north of Easton Road and west of New Pasture Lane. It ended on July 1.

Last month, members of the public expressed strong views against the plans at a public meeting, and at a Bridlington Town Council meeting.

Now Bridlington Town Council have sent a letter to Caroline Grant, a planning officer at East Riding Council, outlining why they object to the plans – which could see 300-500 new houses on the site:

q At 15 years old, the 1996 area plan is well overdue for review of the suitability of the subject site.

q The proposed main access road to the site, located at the centre of a right angled bend in Well Lane, is considered to be the height of dangerous folly, for reasons obvious to the council. The main access should be off Easton Road.

q Judging from the number of private housing for sale in the town, there is little demand for housing in a stagnant market. Emphasis should be placed on providing Affordable and Social Housing, for which there is a demand.

q The council is also not aware of any job creation projects that would attract workers to the town.

q The main attraction of Bridlington is the sea. The town has lost its remaining Blue Flag because of pollution of the sea by sewage. Required levels of sea water purity are to be raised by the EU in 2015. With the amount of sewage generated by the subject site along with the proposed 600 housing units in Hilderthorpe Road, 200 housing units at the Harbour top, plus the proposed 44 units at the rail crossing at Quay Road, all will severely exacerbate the sewage situation.

The council considers that no new build should occur until this problem is resolved, rather than proceeding regardless.

q The council considers that before additional housing in Bridlington, the town’s infrastructure should be improved. The hospital facilities restored and provision for adequate social services.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The consultation produced a significant level of response and the council will take views expressed into account to produce a final plan which should be ready in September.

“The site is already allocated for housing, and while the precise number of houses to be built is not known, the masterplan indicates 300-500.”