Council rejects traffic petition

The last incident at the top of Bolam Lane in May saw �3,500 of damage caused and the car written off
The last incident at the top of Bolam Lane in May saw �3,500 of damage caused and the car written off

Residents calling for traffic calming measures on a stretch of road have had their petition rejected by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Nearly 200 people from Bempton and Buckton signed a petition, demanding the East Riding of Yorkshire Council lower the speed limit on the ‘ S bend’ at the top of Bolam Lane, Buckton.

Andrew Rodgers, of Bolam Lane, said there had already been two incidents on the stretch in the last 12 months, and one fatality in 2003.

“There have been numerous incidents recently recorded in this specific area, most recently on May 18 2015 which involved significant damage to private property and danger to life.”

He added the last incident was: “Very serious, causing £3,500 worth of damage to our property alone plus the write off of the vehicle involved.

On November 29 2003, Daniel Gee 17 from Bridlington, suffered fatal injuries when the Blue Renault Clio he was travelling in collided with a farm building on Bempton Lane.

Mr Rodgers continuted: “We feel if East Riding of Yorkshire Council ignore this issue it is only a matter of time before there is another fatal accident.

“The road is very busy, currently has a 60mph speed limit and is narrow and twisted. It is frequently used by cyclists, horse riders and walkers and the situation is currently a great worry to the local community.”

However an council subcommittee rejected residents’ calls for action, saying it would be “inappropriate to install traffic calming measures”.

The committee referred to a survey carried out on Bempton Lane between April 24 and April 30, which showed that 85 per cent of drivers “were driving appropriately for the bend they were travelling through.

“Only three drivers in the week meaning less than 0.5 per day were recorded as driving over the posted speed limit of 60mph.”

The committee added that appropriate signage and warnings were already in place to alert drivers to bends in the road.

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