Council reacts to complaints on blue badges

PARKING restrictions for blue badge holders in Bridlington have not changed, according to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The Free Press had received reports from members of the public that blue badge holders parking in on-street, short stay parking spaces in the town had been targeted by parking wardens.

Complaints centred around how long blue badge holders parked in short stay spaces, with tickets received allegedly for remaining in a space after the allowed time limit had expired.

At the beginning of November, East Riding of Yorkshire Council took over on-street parking enforcement from Humberside Police, and say they are simply enforcing rules that have always been in place.

Timothy Thrustle, parking manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “There has been no change to any parking policies at East Riding of Yorkshire Council following the introduction of civil enforcement officers.

“Civil enforcement officers are carrying out their duties in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined in the handbook that accompanies the blue badge.

“This is fully supported by disabled groups across East Yorkshire, who are keen to see parking restrictions and the rules of the blue badge scheme enforced correctly.

“Anyone who has been issued with a penalty charge notice does have the right to appeal to the council.”

Mark Baggley, chairman of the Choices and Rights disability coalition in Hull and East Yorkshire, believes that there can be confusion on parking rules, which differ from one authority to the next.

“I know that parking regulations are different between Hull and the East Riding, and other authorities as well.

“All drivers, as well as blue badge holders, should take responsibility and try and adhere to rules, which would make parking easier for everyone.

“Obviously, those who enforce the rules need to use common sense and be human about it. If a blue badge holder is a few minutes late back to their car, then there could be a valid reason.”

Mr Baggley also believes there is a problem with people abusing the blue badge scheme.

“There are counterfeit badges which can be worth money, more so in London where parking is so expensive, and I have seen people photocopying them.

“Then there are people using a badge which belongs to someone else. I regularly notice non badge holders parked in disabled spaces.

“One thing that local authorities do need is an effective system to monitor those that hold badges.”