Council apologises for Bridlington beach chalet mix-up

Work was still being carried out on the south beach chalets at the beginning of this week.
Work was still being carried out on the south beach chalets at the beginning of this week.

A FAMILY have spoken of their dissappointment after council contractors were still working on chalets on Bridlington’s south beach after the start of the tourist season.

Now East Riding of Yorkshire Council have apologised to Alwyn Baron and his family after they complained about contractors working on the chalets while they were supposed to be using the one they had rented for the week.

Mr Baron, of Nafferton, said: “There have been joiners and painters working on them, but why now? It is the middle of the summer and any works that need doing should surely be completed by the beginning of the season.”

Mr Baron had rented the chalet for himself and his family for a week, and were due to pick up the keys to it last Saturday. However, a Hull contractor working on the chalet had accidentally taken the keys with him and there was no spare set, meaning the family could not get in until Sunday.

“I’m relatively local but this kind of thing might put off people who are coming to Bridlington from further away for the first time.”

Darren Stevens, head of culture and information at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The council has been undertaking some minor decorating works on its chalets at Bridlington South Beach.

“Unfortunately, the contractor carrying out these works accidentally took the key to the chalet, that was to be let by Mr Baron and his family, home.

“The council has spoken to the contractor to ensure that this does not happen again and has also apologised to Mr Baron for any inconvenience this has caused. The council will be speaking to the family again this week to ensure that they are not deterred from visiting Bridlington in the future.”