Council announces business plan update

Steve Parnaby
Steve Parnaby

The Council Business Plan 2011/15, which sets out the council’s priorities and how resources will be used to deliver them, is reviewed and updated every year.

This year’s update, for the financial year 2014/15, includes the key actions that will be taken to meet these priorities and will be published on the council’s website in April.

These priorities reflect the challenges facing the East Riding, the needs and aspirations of local people and support the wider ambitions for the area set out in the East Riding Community Plan.

Some of these priorities are focused on making the most of the local environment, supporting those who need help the most and helping people to stay healthy, strong and fit for the future. Others aim to provide efficient and effective services that provide value for money and sustain economic growth and strong communities.

At a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty for local government, the Council Business Plan is an important tool to help maintain a clear focus on the issues that matter.

Supporting growth in the local economy and providing access to better quality and more affordable homes are examples of outcomes of the plan. Others include providing better education for young people and driving improved public health services focused on reducing the risk of poor health through early intervention.

The council is also currently reviewing how it operates through an ongoing Business Transformation Programme which is already achieving large and sustainable savings – over £15m to date with a further £16m to be found by the end of 2017/18. This has been achieved through ensuring that value for money is at the heart of what the Council does, such as improving the processes for funding services and looking at where premises costs could be saved by sharing resources.

Council leader Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE said: “The Council Business Plan forms the basis of everything we do and sets out our priorities very clearly. It has served us well as the council faces the many on-going challenges – particularly reduced funding – and, in looking to the future, it is more important than ever to maintain and develop sound business planning.

“Early action and a strong record of achieving budget savings has helped the Council to protect and develop essential services and avoid some of the harsher financial decisions that some other areas have had to make.

“Despite these challenging times, the council continues to have high ambitions for the area with its significant opportunities and potential. We are highly regarded as one of the leading councils in the country and are determined to stay that way.”