Could this be Bridlington’s longest bus stop?

The 25 metre bus stop in Trentham Drive.
The 25 metre bus stop in Trentham Drive.

AN EXTRA long bus stop has been causing a stir on a Bridlington housing estate.

The stop can be found close to the Londis store on Trentham Drive, on the Danescroft estate, and measures a whopping 82 foot, or 25 metres, long – some 23 feet longer than another stop just along the same road.

It was marked out around a month ago by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and even stretches over a parking bay.

Carole Hopkins, who lives on nearby Rudding Drive, said: “If you had one of those bendy buses you get in London it would be alright.

“It does seem very long. You don’t get that many buses down here.

“Buses stop directly opposite on the other side of the road as well, but there is no bus stop there at all. I can’t understand it.”

Another bus user said: “I noticed that it seemed to be really long a couple of weeks ago, it goes past a parking bay as well.

“As far as I’m aware, there’s only one bus that comes on this route as well. We needed a bus stop marking along here, but not this big!”

The supersize stop is three times the distance that British long jumper Greg Rutherford posted to win Olympic Gold this summer, and about half the size of an Olympic size swimming pool.

Beanpole England striker Peter Crouch would be able to lay down twelve times in the stop, which is almost the same length as the largest known animal to have ever lived, the blue whale (which grow to around 30 metres long on average).

However, a spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said that there are “no legislative lengths for bus stops” and they need to be “long enough to accommodate the size and number of buses that may use the stop”.

Bob Rackley, commercial manager at East Yorkshire Motor Services, who operate services on the route, says that the standard length of a bus is around 12 metres, and depending on how cars are parked on a street, the stop can be up to two bus lengths long or more to allow drivers room to manoeuvre.