Confused drivers continue to blight Brid town centre

Confused drivers are continuing to go the wrong way in Bridlington town centre - sparking fears ahead of the busy tourism season.

One was filmed this morning (January 26) going the wrong way up Chapel Street, after heading north on Cross Street.

A driver was filmed going the wrong way up Chapel Street this morning.

A driver was filmed going the wrong way up Chapel Street this morning.

The video shows the driver slowing down to allow an elderly woman to cross the road, before pulling into a disabled parking space.

Three Store worker, Lauren Iveson, says she sees similar sights every week and believes they will happen even more in summer.

"There was a woman crossing the road - you don't think to turn our back when it's a one way street.

"They nearly crashed into a van. It's all diversion and it's confusing people.

"The more cones there are the more you think 'where do I have to go?'"

And with Bridlington's busy summer period approaching, Lauren says the influx of tourists cold exacerbate the problem.

"Last year it was fine, but this year it's going to be mayhem."

Bridge Street is now one-way street from east to west, while Manor Street remained one way - but in the opposite direction.

Despite temporary 'no entry' signs warning motorists of the new system, a number of drivers have continued using the old routes.

Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, said the council would keep the system "under constant surveillance" to avoid a "long term issue".