Complaint is submitted for hotel remark

Bridlington Town Council has sent a letter of complaint regarding Coun Boatman (pictured)
Bridlington Town Council has sent a letter of complaint regarding Coun Boatman (pictured)
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Bridlington Town Council has registered a complaint against a councillor who made “derogative comments” about the town’s hotels.

Cllr Mally Boatman caused outrage in the town when he said he would rather drive 45 miles home back to Goole than stay in a Bridlington hotel.

The comments, made during an East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning meeting, sparked a response from hoteliers and the Bridlington Tourism Association.

At June’s Bridlington Town Council meeting (June 15) councillors agreed to send a letter of complaint to the chief executive of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Mayor of Bridlington, Liam Dealtry said: “We are to register a complaint of derogative behaviour from councillor Boatman and say that he shouldn’t be making negative and defamatory remarks towards the town. East Riding councillors are meant to defend and protect the towns and villages of East Riding, not pull them down.”

But Goole South ward councillor Boatman stood by his comments, saying he would prefer to stay in a Premier Inn.

“I have stayed over on a couple of occasions at recommendations by people who live in Bridlington, and I was not particularly happy with what I got. I have made that choice now that I would rather travel home than stay.”

Councillor John Copsey said: “I don’t know why he’d want to rush back to Goole.”

Bob Hillery, chairman of Bridlington Tourism Association, said “We have at least three [quality] hotels in Bridlington that are better than Premier Inn. One of our guest houses in Bridlington won best in the county and came fifth in the world.”