Commissioners hail very successful 2015

Bridlington remains 'the country's best performing shellfish port'.
Bridlington remains 'the country's best performing shellfish port'.

2015 saw Bridlington continue to lead the way as the country’s best performing shellfish port, according to Chris Wright, Chairman of the Harbour Commissioners.

In his annual report, Mr Wright described how the past year had been a period of sustained commercial achievement coupled with several key announcements.

As previously reported, the Commissioners have placed an order with the Scottish shipyard of Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Company for a new dredger at a cost of £1.2m.

The vessel is expected to arrive at Bridlington in July.

Repairs and maintenance have been carried out on the harbour estate, including vital repairs to the fish quay canopy, funded partly by a grant from the Small Ports Recovery Fund.

2015 also saw the Commissioners sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to upgrade the harbour.

Mr Wright said: “Two of the key events of 2015 were the Seafood Festival and the launch of the Maritime Trail, both major successes.” 
Mr Wright also reported the appointment of two new Commissioners, Andy Wheeler and Steve Cowan, and thanked those who have left the Board, Norman Woodhouse and Neal Newby.

Of Mr Newby, he said: “Neal served as a Commissioner for 40 years, witnessed many changes and in fact presided over many of those changes for the good of the harbour.

“He has worked tirelessly to ensure the continued prosperity of the harbour and to protect the estate from outside forces.”