Comments on Brid’s hotels spark fury

Goole councillor Mally Boatman
Goole councillor Mally Boatman

Bridlington’s mayor is demanding an apology from a councillor whom he says claimed he would rather drive 45 miles home than stay at a Bridlington hotel.

The comment was made at an East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning committee that granted Premier Inn permission for its new Bridlington hotel.

Mayor Cllr Liam Dealtry says the former Goole mayor, Cllr Mally Boatman, should retract his statement.

Cllr Dealtry said: “We have some of the best hotels in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

“He is a representative of the East Riding and he’s calling all the hotels down publicly. I want a public apology and that he retract his statement.”

At the planning committee on May 26, Cllr Boatman is alleged to have said that he lives 45 miles away and when he goes to an event at the Spa he would rather drive home than stay in Bridlington.

He is also said to have stated that there is not one hotel he would consider suitable or fit to stay in and he wouldn’t even consider a bed and breakfast, and that Premier Inn has better standards than any of them.

Cllr Boatman accepts his comment “was along those lines”.

He added: “We have stayed in a couple of them [Bridlington hotels] and they are all a bit older inside.

“I would rather stay sober and drive the 45 miles home.”

The former Goole mayor added: “If I have upset anyone, I apologise”.

Cllr Boatman said he stood by his comments “through the experience I had”.

“The ones I have stayed in, that’s the impression I have got,” he said. “I think there is a need for a modern hotel.

“I also said I think the design Premier Inn have come up with is very good.

“They have designed it to fit in with the surrounding area.”

But his comments have angered hoteliers in Bridlington. Peter Davidson, proprietor of Brentwood House in Princess Street, said: “I think what was said was totally out of order. I think it is potentially damaging.

“We strive very, very hard in this business.

“I know there are guest houses that are not up to standards, but everyone in the Bridlington Tourism Association is up to standard, and we are inspected regularly.

“There were certain things said at that meeting that were totally out of order.”