Column - Talking tourism with Tim Norman

Tim Norman.
Tim Norman.

With 2016 over half way through the guest houses, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants are looking forward to what will hopefully be a very busy summer holiday period.

At present my feeling is that there is still a lot of uncertainty around in the economy and how the future will be looking following on from the referendum and its aftermath. My feeling is that this has put an initial dampener onto the demand for accommodation in our beautiful resort.

The Old Town is really developing fast.

The Old Town is really developing fast.

So where is the silver lining? Well, as we know, it will take a couple of years to complete the UK’s exit from the EU.

It is possible that during this time our exports may become cheaper in terms of the Euro and the Dollar and imports more expensive. From the perspective of Bridlington tourism this can only be a good thing in the medium to long term. For people from the UK, foreign holidays will become more expensive. However, for people from mainland Europe holidaying in the UK will become cheaper.

So as a consequence we may well see more people from the UK re-establishing the UK as their holiday destination of choice whilst finding more visitors from the continent coming to discover the beauty of our coastline, harbour and wolds.

Perhaps now is the time to learn French, Spanish and German to woo the influx of mainland European guests.

Of course one of the main thrusts of the debate was the reinstatement of the UK sovereignty over our fishing water. There is nothing more attractive in a seaside town than the sights, smells and feel of a proper fully fleeted working harbour. It may take many years to re-establish but I know that this will, one day, be a massive attraction for tourists to the town.

East Riding Leisure Bridlington will be begin gearing up towards their first summer holidays. It is great to read that they now have over 1,400 new members. I am, however, concerned that they are recommending Beaconsfield and Flamborough Road Car Parks to their members as an overflow car park and that this facility can still be used free of charge. Offering these two car parks for use by the visitors to the Leisure Centre will surely leave less availability for the tourists and day trippers.

To close with this month I have to say that I am really proud and excited to be associated with Bridlington Old Town and the Gallery in particular.

The Old Town is really developing fast with new art studios and galleries opening up as well as wonderful eating places and magnificent public houses being brought back to life.

This now is a wonderful part of the town for locals and tourists alike to spend time and take in the atmosphere.