Cold weather hits Easter trade in Bridlington

A very quiet Bridlington harbour area during the chilly Easter weekend.
A very quiet Bridlington harbour area during the chilly Easter weekend.

The weather took its toll on Bridlington’s tourism trade as cold and windy conditions kept tourists away.

The Met Office have confirmed that March looks set to be the UK’s coldest for 50 years – and told the Free Press that Bridlington’s temperatures were below the seasonal average.

Good Friday, March 29 saw average temperatures of 5.4C, Saturday and Easter Sunday were 5.9C and Monday the lowest at 4.7C. The maximum average temperature for March is 8.9C, and for April, 11.43C. Prolonged easterly winds have also whipped inland, reaching a maximum of 25mph over the Easter weekend.

Describing the town over Easter, Bob Hillery, president of the Bridlington Tourism Association, said: “One word, quiet.

“As far as hotels and guest houses go, I know there were a lot of people who still had vacancies, but some that were full. That was all down to the weather. I had a few rooms spare over Easter and that is the first time that’s happened in 32 years. There was thick snow elsewhere and people will not think about coming away on holiday when it’s like that.

“The town centre did seem fairly busy so it may have been a different story for shopkeepers, but the weather did for us.”

Businessman Louis Harrison, who owns Pavilion Bar, Jerome’s, Macey’s Italian cafe/bar and Bayside Fun Park, said: “It’s been fairly quiet compared to previous years but it’s not just us, it’s affecting the whole of the country.

“It’s been down to the weather, if the sunshine comes out we are busy, for example today (Tuesday) we have been busier than yesterday. Hopefully we will get some more nice weather and hopefully it will pick up.

“Last year was a washout compared to the Easter before which was a cracker, that was a really good one, but we can’t control the weather.

Hopefully it will pick up and we will have a good summer season.”