Coastliner to reduce services

Bridlington faces a further reduction in bus services.
Bridlington faces a further reduction in bus services.

I am writing about the 845 Coastliner buses that ran to Bridlington via the villages and Filey.

Coastliner, as from July 1, are no longer running these buses to Bridlington via Filey and the villages in between.

Instead they are running one bus a day called the X43 which will not go into Malton and will run through Rillington and then will go to the Scarborough roundabout then into Scarborough. It will then run to Filey and finally arrive in Bridlington. Which altogether is going to add at least half an hour onto the journey from Scarborough.

I am not happy about this as they have gone down from three buses each day to Bridlington to none going to Brid via Filey, making it a lot longer journey, and down to one bus a day that only goes via Scarborough, and this is only from July 1 to the end of August. It is not running on a Sunday either according to the new timetable. Which is cutting Bridlington off, it is not right.

I only found out about this from the extra leaflet that they put out on the stand and it was the first I had heard about it. No explanation at all.

Janette England

Woodlands Lane