Coast gets new protection

Skipsea shore NBFP PA1343-3d
Skipsea shore NBFP PA1343-3d

The UK government has included the East Yorkshire coastline in its extended “blue belt” of protected marine areas.

The Holderness Inshore, stretching from Skipsea to Spurn Point, has been named as one of the 23 new Marine Conservation Zones which illustrates an impetus to protect the seas around the UK shores.

North Sea Marine Advocacy Officer, Bex Lynam said: “UK seas have the potential to be full of incredible life and colour but continued destruction has reduced them to a shadow of their former selves. While many view the North Sea as a bleak, cold and lifeless the seafloor is in fact a rich tapestry of wonderful marine habitats from kelp forests and sandy plains to chalk reefs and deep rocky gullies.”

While Marine Conservation Zone designation excludes specific protection for mobile species harbour porpoise, minke whale and sunfish have all been seen within this area. Holderness Inshore is also vitally important as a foraging ground for locally breeding seabirds, and the coastline provides a welcome landfall for many migratory birds. Designating these valuable areas at sea will afford these habitats and wildlife that live within them some breathing space.

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