Coach fire in Bridlington

Coach fire in Bridlington on Wednesday 12 March.
Coach fire in Bridlington on Wednesday 12 March.

Bridlington fire fighters were called to a blaze at Morrisons’ petrol station yesterday evening.

At 6.14pm on Wednesday 12 March 10 fire fighters put out the fire which started in the engine compartment of a 44-seater coach.

It is thought the fire began due to an electrical fault in the engine compartment, and there were no passengers aboard the coach when it set alight.

The staff at the Morrisons petrol station in Bessingby Way turned off all the fuel feeds, and the fire service, along with Humberside Police, cordoned off the filling station.

A spokesperson for Humberside Fire and Rescue said: “The coach driver pulled up, filled his tank and then when he got back in his driver’s seat he had trouble starting his engine.

“The engine is housed at the rear of the vehicle which was sticking out from under the canopy.

“He noticed from his mirrors there was smoke coming from the engine cavity compartment. He got out and the staff called 999.”

The fire took an hour to extinguish and there was one hose reel in use.

The Humbseride Fire spokesperson said: “In this case there wouldn’t be any great investigation. It was just an engine fire, nothing suspicious.”

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