Closed Bridlington pub reopens with a Caribbean twist

Early Levy and Anne Bernard behind the bar at The Crown.
Early Levy and Anne Bernard behind the bar at The Crown.

A NEW lease of life has been given to a pub by a team who opened the doors of The Crown last Friday.

New leaseholder, Anne Bernard, 50, welcomed customers in for a pint at 11am last Friday, after the pub has been shut for a year.

Following negotiations with owners Enterprise Inns last April, Anne leased the Quay Road pub and moved to Bridlington in September.

Anne has spent 22 years in the publican business and is experienced in turning around run-down pubs into friendly community hubs.

“It had been empty for 12 months so when we started turning taps back on the water had been cut off, the radiators had been stolen – you name it, anything that wasn’t nailed down was gone. But it is a beautiful building,” said Anne.

The pub will begin serving food in the New Year, following refurbishment of the kitchen, and there is a children’s room, pool tables and facilities for renting out space for parties.

Anne, who works with pub manager Earl Levy – known as Levy – said: “I think Bridlington is a lovely place.

“I lived in the Caribbean and there is a stretch of beach here that is absolutely stunning and I think that is something Bridlington should feel proud of.”

Passionate about the community, Anne has offered the use of one of the rooms at The Crown for use by Bridlington youth clubs.

“I am very passionate about pubs – it is not just a job for me. Pubs are the hub of a community.

“All I want people to know is there are no strangers here, just friends they haven’t met yet.”

The Crown is now open for business and keen-eyed customers will spot Anne’s claim to fame – a photograph of her with Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt’s signed trainers, which she won at an event to commemorate 50 years of Jamaican independence.

To contact Anne about the use of a room at the Crown by youth clubs call 07432 651448.