Christmas Day mum was a victim of criminal damage

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Man damaged Christmas tree and TV set belonging to his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend

A man committed criminal damage to his ex-partner’s Christmas tree and television - less than a week before she gave birth to his Christmas Day baby, a court heard.

Daniel Rutter, 26, of St Martins Drive, Burton Agnes, pleaded guilty to damaging the items, as well as an ornament, at the home of his ex-partner in Bridlington on December 19, East Riding Magistrates’ Court heard.

He also pleaded guilty to criminal damage of a door and two windows at her home on September 9.

Defending, Ed Cunnah said Rutter “struggled with his emotions at times.”

He said the defendant was currently being prevented from seeing his ex-partner and the baby, but he said: “This is through problems with her father, not with her.”

A family meeting was due to take place with social services, the court heard.

Meanwhile, Rutter also pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to two cars at Bridlington on September 9 last year.

The damage was valued at £200 in each case.

The court heard that Rutter had also breached a community order meted out at an earlier court hearing, but a representative from the probation service told the court that he was keen for the order to continue, albeit with amendments.

But District Judge Frederick Rutherford told Rutter: “You have shown your true colours with regard to the probation service. You were given your chance and you have failed miserably.”

Rutter was handed a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. He was also told to pay £200 compensation to each of the car owners.

Judge Rutherford warned Rutter that he would be behind bars if he committed any further crime. He said: “I’m told you’re seeking voluntary help. Make sure you take that advice.”