Choir in male members search

Coastal Voices performing at The Spa in July
Coastal Voices performing at The Spa in July

An East Coast community choir is on the look out for more men.

Coastal Voices is an independent choir created a year ago for people wanting to sing and have fun, has just started its new season.

Choir master Alex Weatherhill said of the 65 or so members, only seven were men. “Ideally we could do with a few more. We are a community choir and no experience is required to join, just an enthusiasm to sing and have fun.

“For some reason men are quite happy singing in the shower or doing karaoke but fight shy at the thought of a choir. The shortage of male singers is not a particular problem to us as we do not perform choral works, but pop, jazz, swing and musical theatre, but a few more men would be a good thing,” he said.

Alex, who is also musical director of the Spa Summer Show and the Pantomime was non-committal about adding the Weather Girls hit “It’s Raining Men” to their repertoire other than to say they would probably be safer inside if they did.

Any men, or new members in general would be welcome. The only requirement is that they are over 16.

Choir sessions are each Monday at The Spa from 7pm to 9pm and cost £5. The choir is offering a free taster session to newcomers. To arrange a session people should contact membership secretary Sue Shaw by email or phone:- 01262 609354 or 07793112397. More information is available on their website:

The choir already has a busy start to their new season among them up and coming appearances at Bridlington’s Old Town Dickensian Festival in November, the Bridlington Rotary Club Christmas Tree Festival, and the Lions Christmas Concert at The Spa.

“There is no compulsion to take part in any of our gigs and as a community choir, any money it receives is put back into charitable causes,” said Alex.