Chippy staff brace themselves

The popular Bridlington chippy will be giving away mini haddock and chips for half-price
The popular Bridlington chippy will be giving away mini haddock and chips for half-price

Staff are bracing themselves for hundreds of hungry customers as they give away half-price portions of  the ‘UK’s best fish and chips’.

Award-winning Fish and Chips at 149 are celebrating their bumper summer by giving away mini haddock and chips for a fraction of the usual cost.

Manager Joshua Smelt, 31, said staff at the shop, which was voted the UK’s best in 2011, wanted to thank their shoals of loyal customers.

He said: “We want to give something back. It’s our customers who are the secret to our success.”

And those customers will be rewarded for their continued loyalty on September 14.

Anyone who turns up at the Marton Road chippy can hook a tasty portion of haddock and chips for £1.49, instead of the usual retail price of £3.20.

Ahead of an expected surge of hundreds of extra customers, staff at the celebrated shop are bracing themselves for a busy day.

“We think we will see 400 to 500 more customers on the day,” manager Joshua said.

“We will have extra staff in on the day and have ordered extra stock. It’s only early days, and this is a first for Fish and Chips at 149.

“We have already publicised it on Facebook, and we’ve had a really good response so far.

“The classic fish supper has been a national favourite for centuries. This iconic British dish is loved by almost everyone.”

It comes following the shop’s victory in 2011 when it was declared the UK’s best for that year.

And it received further recognition during a royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles and Camilla.

But Joshua said the promotion next week will also help raise awareness of a more serious topic.

He added: “The fish and chip industry supports a lot more people than you think, from the fisherman and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients needed to create this family favorite to the counter staff and fryers that turn the raw ingredients into something delicious.”

The discounted mini haddock and chips will be available between 11.30am and 9pm on Wednesday September 14.