Chippy set to return in Bridlington

Jack's Chippy will be moving into the former Naked Fish restaurant
Jack's Chippy will be moving into the former Naked Fish restaurant

One of Bridlington’s most popular fish and chip shops is back in business.

Jack’s was forced to close in April, as the building it had called home for 36 years was due to be knocked down as part of the regeneration of Hilderthorpe Road.

But the family fryers will reopen next Friday at the top of Bridge Street, after taking over the former Naked Fish restaurant.

Mandy Stirk, who runs the business with brother Craig, sister Jackie and mum Shirley, said: “My dad Jack passed away last year and it was his dream for us to move on and open up again.

“We had no choice to leave the old building, and we were just given the money and had to find somewhere else ourselves, with no help. Nobody was sadder than me. It broke my heart.

“But what a location we have found. It is perfect for us.”

The family moved into their new building last Thursday and are working round the clock to get it ready for their opening day.

“We are doing the preparation work and we have equipment and a new range coming early next week,” said Mandy.

The chippy will also have a 48-seater cafe and two extra jobs have been created by the move to slightly bigger premises.

The family admitted they have been stunned by the reaction in Bridlington, both when they closed the original shop and when news got out that they were starting up again.

“I can’t believe the feedback we have had on social media. It’s a lovely feeling to be appreciated.

“We are a family business and have been in the town for 36 years so we have seen kids growing up and then bring their own children into the shop.”

The new shop will open at 11.30am on October 21.