Chilli challenge at Bridlington Snooker Centre

Andrew Richie, manager of Bridlington Snooker Centre, with some chillies.
Andrew Richie, manager of Bridlington Snooker Centre, with some chillies.

CONTESTANTS in a charity challenge may have bitten off more than they can chew with a chilli challenge in aid of epilepsy sufferers.

On Saturday March 2 the chilli challenge will take place from 7.30pm onwards at the Bridlington Snooker Centre, Promenade, Bridlington.

The evening will raise money to further research into Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy which begins in infancy, and supporting those suffering with the syndrome.

Andrew Ritchie, who manages the Snooker Centre with his wife, Carla, said: “The idea came from a few lads talking in a bar trying to be a bit balshy and I have the luxury of taking what they were talking about and actually doing it. I have turned it into an event and we will see who has got the metal.”

The chillies to be consumed on the evening will vary in heat, starting with the Jalapeño chilli, moving on to the serrano chilli, bird’s-eye chilli, scotch bonnet and finally the bhut jolokia, which is one of the hottest chillies in the world.

Andrew is set to take part in the challenge and encourages others to get involved, with the top prize of a gallon of beer going to the overall winner of the challenge.

There is a £10 entry for attending the night, which will go to charity, and guests will be provided with a free supper. Chilli treats will also be available on the night including chilli and chocolate brownies and chilli vodka.

Those who wish to enter are asked to register with Andrew by Wednesday February 20. For details call 01262 671000.