Check when Santa’s new Bridlington sleigh is visiting your street

Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

Once his new sleigh has been unveiled, Santa will be touring dozens of streets around Bridlington in the first couple of weeks in December.

Accompanied by Bridlington Round Table members who will be collecting for local charities, Father Christmas will be meeting children and handing out sweets to the soundtrack of all the festive hits.

He has already completed four days, here is where he is heading to next:

This is why he needed a new sleigh for Bridlington
Day 5: Sunday, December 9, 4pm: Bempton Lane, Redwood Way, Redwood Close, Darwin Road, Amy Johnson Avenue, The Lawns, Paddock Court, Orchard Close, Windermere Drive, Grasmere Grove, Nostell Way, Easby Close, Eleanor Avenue, Rudding Drive, Trentham Drive, Trentham Close, Thoresby Avenue, Harewood Avenue, Ripley Close, Pinfold Lane, Pinfold Close, Pinfold Meadows, Pinfold Gardens.

Day 6: Monday, December 10, 6pm: Victoria Road, Wellington Road, North Street, Travis Street, Haslemere Avenue, St George's Avenue, Holyrood Avenue, Tennyson Avenue, Blackburn Avenue, Clarence Avenue, Promenade, Trinity Road, Turmer Avenue, Swanland Avenue, Park Avenue, Vernon Road.

Day 7: Tuesday, December 11, 6pm: Eighth Avenue, Third Avenue, Lamplugh Road, First Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Second Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Queensgate Extension, Nightingale Road, Lambert Road, St Columba Road, Sewerby Road, Eastfield Road, Marton Avenue, Sewerby Crescent, Great Meadow Road, Fortyfoot.

Day 8: Wednesday, December 12, 6pm: Thornton Road, Carnaby Avenue, Ramsay Close, Matson Road, Meadow Road, Greenfield Road, Harrington Road, Cranbeck Close, Bessingby Gate, Kent Square, Wright Crescent, Cornfield Crescent.