Charity shop hit

VOLUNTEERS at a town centre charity shop were shattered to find its plate glass window smashed when they arrived to open up on Saturday morning.

“The window had not fallen in but there were two points of impact and glass all over. It could have been someone fighting up against it or something, we don’t know but it is cracked from top to bottom, they must have hit is very hard as it is safety glass,” said Debbie Jagger, manager of the Autism Plus shop in Promenade, Bridlington.

Fortunately the shop has been able to continue to trade behind a boarded up window.

“The trouble is it will cost more than £400 to replace it, which is the last thing any charity shop wants,” added Debbie.

Police are investigating and say anyone who saw or heard anything between around 5pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday of who knows who may have been responsible for the damage, should call Bridlington police on the new emergency number 101.