Chance meeting in Brid led to marriage

Keith and Wendy Wainwright marrid after meeting at Alderson House'PA1142-6c
Keith and Wendy Wainwright marrid after meeting at Alderson House'PA1142-6c

A COUPLE have celebrated their second honeymoon in Bridlington - three years after a chance meeting in the town.

Wendy and Keith Wainwright, of Castleford, both stayed at Alderson House on South Marine Drive - a Poppy Break centre which provides holidays for ex-service personnel and their families.

While staying at the centre in November 2008, Wendy and Keith met in the outdoor smoking shelter at the centre.

The pair began to chat, found they had a lot in common and became an item - marrying in May 2009.

Wendy, 65, said: “I had heard a song inside that brought back some memories. I was feeling a bit emotional so I went outside for a cigarette and Keith must have saw me rush out and came to comfort me.

“Once we got chatting we got on really well.”

They married in May the next year, in Cyprus.

Once the pair got together, they were inseparable, raising nearly £2,000 for the centre in their first two-week stay.

“There was a lot of snow so we couldn’t go out and some staff couldn’t get to work so we had a raffle and had a game of play your cards right - Keith was Brucey and I was Anthea,” continued Wendy.

Keith, 62, served in the 1st Battalion Kings Regiment in the 1960s and was part of the Merchant Navy in the 70s.

“As soon as we left here the first time we wanted to come straight back,” said Keith. “It will always hold nice memories as we wouldn’t have met unless we had come here.

“The staff are wonderful.

“When I got here I went straight back down to the smoking shelter to see if I could trade her in for a younger model!” joked Keith.