CCTV project needs cash

Labour candidate Paul Rounding
Labour candidate Paul Rounding
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DRIFFIELD’S CCTV committee is working hard to raise funds to improve the system in the face of a £6,000 shortfall needed to complete proposed enhancement projects.

Members hope to hard wire a Middle Street South scheme into the current town centre system and are short of funds to the tune of £3,000.

However, they are looking at starting the process of wiring using the £2,000 they already have because of fears of future rising prices.

Coun Paul Rounding told colleagues on the town council that it was necessary to start installing the wiring as soon as possible because of the continuing global rise in metal prices which meant the cost of copper wiring could spiral.

“Our priority is Middle Street South,” he said. “We have £2,000 but we need the full amount to go forward. It will be hard wired, but we are going to put in the wiring because of the rising cost of copper.”

Over the next few months, vital fund raising will be carried out by volunteers who are hoping their efforts will be supported by the community.

The committee is also £3,000 short of progressing a CCTV system at St Margaret’s Close, where problems are frequently caused by youths using a play park.

Town Council Clerk Claire Binnington told the committee that the council was currently reviewing their budget for the forthcoming financial year and it was also hoped that at some point a bid would be made for new equipment that would be match funded in some way.

Coun Neal Pearson told the committee he believed that the police should contribute to the running costs of the CCTV system as they were the ones who received the most benefit.

But the mayor, Coun Joyce Fletcher, said she believed that the system was a deterrent and as a result the whole community benefited.

PC Steve WIlson said the police did not contribute financially to any CCTV system in the county.

The committee agreed, however, to send a letter to the Divisional Commander requesting a contribution.

l Tombola prizes are currently being sought by the CCTV committee for a stall at Driffield’s late night shopping event. Anyone who can help should contact Anjanette Mills on 01377 241012 or the town council on 01377 254160.