Cattery overrun with pets says Bridlington RSPCA

One of the cats needing a new home.
One of the cats needing a new home.

A CATTERY has said they will be forced to turn homeless cats away as they have more than doubled their maximum capacity.

RSPCA Bridlington and District cattery is currently home to over 55 felines, both young and old, which cost £10,000 a month in kennel and boarding fees.

Rita Bailey, cat re-homing coordinator at the RSPCA Bridlington, has called for people planning to buy a cat to ensure they have them neutered, because a frequent problem is owners handing in cats which are pregnant with kittens, or who have had kittens.

The centre, at Carr Lane, Nafferton, has a maximum capacity of 20 cats, which are brought in by RSPCA wardens and owners who cannot care for them.

She has seen an increase in people advertising pet cats on the internet, on social networking sites and in shops.

Mrs Bailey said: “It is just horrendous. We wish that cat owners would be more responsible and have their cats neutered before they are old enough to reproduce, which is around the age of five to six months.

“We keep them until they are re-homed. We only put cats down if they have feline leukaemia.

“We just can’t take any more in and we have to turn people away - the cattery doesn’t have elastic sides.

“A lot of the centres are just going to have to turn cats away, they are going to reach a point when there is no place for them to go, then we are going to have to take action that we do not want.”

Mrs Bailey stressed the cats do live in good conditions and the cattery was built in 2011.

Money to care for the cats is raised through the RSPCA shop in Bridlington, and through fund-raising, but the RSPCA urgently need people to adopt cats, or to foster kittens temporarily until they are ready to be re-homed.

The adoption fee is £50 and includes neutering, micro-chipping, two vaccinations against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia. An owner could expect to pay three times this in vet bills.

The RSPCA also offer financial help with neutering cats for people who are on benefits.

Please contact 01262 409080 to adopt, or for neutering information, or visit