Carnaby firm get visit from the ‘Sheriffs’

BBC's 'Here Come the Sheriffs' featured a Carnaby firm
BBC's 'Here Come the Sheriffs' featured a Carnaby firm

A Carnaby based company which produces retro memorabilia and merchandise featured on national television programme ‘Here Come the Sheriffs’.

Kapow Gifts, whose factory is in Carnaby Industrial Estate and who also had a gift shop on Queen Street, were ordered to pay Ian Allen£3,736 by the High Court for illegally copying characters from children’s TV programme ‘Button Moon’ on to their products.

The BBC programme ‘Here Come the Sheriffs’ aired on Monday, and followed two High Court enforcement agents tracking down the company’s premises in order to recover £8,968 - £7,158 of which was owed to Ian Allen.

Rob Redshaw who runs Kapow Gifts on Queen Street was not available to comment.

But in 2013 he told the Free Press he had to accept the High Court’s decision.

He added: “It was basically a parody rather like you have a caricature of a famous celebrity or an ‘unauthorised biography of a celebrity’.

“It’s an interesting decision because surely it would mean in future people can no longer create and use imagery of copyrighted objects like a Ferrari or a famous building like the Gherkin without the threat of legal action?”

The unidentified member of staff who featured on the show said he wanted to dispute the figure he had to pay.

He also said: “I have emailed him a thousand times, saying ‘can you send me an invoice’ and ‘where to send the money?’”

The staff member goes on to pay the full fee through a bank transfer.