Carer’s disco is a first in Bridlington

Victoria Husler and Shelley Lille
Victoria Husler and Shelley Lille

A disco and karaoke night for young adults with special needs has been organised by a carer who wants to make a difference.

People with special needs are often persecuted and bullied because they don’t fit in with what we see as normal, says carer Victoria Husler.

Which is why she’s organised a disco and karaoke night for young adults to socialise and enjoy themselves without fear.

The 37-year-old said: “I only posted on Facebook about the event a couple of days ago and the response has been overwhelming.

“So many people have said they have children in their teens and 20s that have special needs but they have nowhere to go to socialise. People are clearly desperate for there to be somewhere for their family members to go.”

Victoria has worked with people who have special needs for 20 years and says there are limited activities and groups in Bridlington to allow them to socialise.

She said: “They are kind of the forgotten people in the community.

“I’m all for inclusion, there should be no boundaries in an ideal world but unfortunately we live in a society where if you’re not perceived as the norm people can be really unpleasant.

“This is about making a place where they can go without fear of being bullied, persecuted or called names.”

The idea first came to Victoria some time ago but she has struggled to find a venue that would hold the event and do it for free.

She said: “Sometimes people who don’t know anyone with special needs don’t know how to act and I feel like that’s put people off hosting the event.”

It was only when she spoke to her neighbour, Shelley Lille, that her plans began to come together. Shelley runs Bridlington Sports Community Club and immediately jumped on board to help.

She said: “When Victoria explained it all to me I thought it was a really lovely idea. It’s sad that for an event like this people with special needs have to travel somewhere like Leeds or Hull.”

Victoria hopes that this event will be the start of a series of different clubs which could form in Bridlington.

She has even thought about fundraising for a Play Station or XBOX to start a youth club.

Those who want to boogie, sing their hearts out or just enjoy a drink are welcome to attend the event.

The whole family are welcome to attend and a carer or family member must be present.

The event is free to attend and will take place on Friday January 26 at 7pm .