Cancer-battling artist showcases work in Bridlington

Artist Sharon Tiernan pictured with some of her work.
Artist Sharon Tiernan pictured with some of her work.

An artist who beat cancer showcased a vibrant exhibition of her works in Bridlington last Friday at a recently opened gallery.

Sharon Tiernan, 35, of Scarborough, came to Atelier D’artiste gallery on Prospect Street, with a range of pieces she created over the course of 10 years.

The artist, who teaches Art and Photography at Graham School in Scarborough, has a passion for painting scenes of nature, mesmerised art enthusiasts with impressive paintings of animals and flowers.

Sharon, who was given the all clear for breast cancer last November, described how she does not consider her battle with cancer an entirely negative period in her life, and how her passion for art and attention to detail has increased.

She said: “I was first given the diagnosis two Christmases ago, and for the first few weeks it was a bit strange. 
But living with the illness and the actual treatment was nothing like I had expected – it’s nothing like what you see on T.V.”

Although Sharon was largely unable to pick up the paint brush while she was receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy, once her condition improved, so too did her attitude towards her art.

Sharon added: “Now I see things in a different context.

“My attention to detail has improved and I realise how lucky I am to be here now.”

The Atelier D’artiste gallery opened eight months ago and has since seen a steady flow of customers and art enthusiasts come through their doors.

Gallery owner, Martin Coss, 47, is passionate about supporting local artists and said: “Sharon’s work is brilliant and we are so happy to have her here.

“In October Andrew Storrie will also hold an exhibition and will be present to take people’s questions.”

The gallery holds artist-in-house exhibitions to give visitors the opportunity to ask them questions and find out more about their work.

Martin said: “It’s nice when someone comes in and they can actually see the artists behind the paintings for themselves.

“We also have artists paint in the gallery so people can watch them create their work in action.”

You can follow Atelier D’artiste on Facebook and Twitter for information about upcoming exhibitions and workshops. Contact the gallery (01262) 672561.