Call for zero tolerance on dog fouling

Coun Shelagh Finlay has backed calls for a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling in Bridlington.
Coun Shelagh Finlay has backed calls for a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling in Bridlington.

A Bridlington ward councillor has backed calls for zero-tolerance on dog fouling and for parking enforcement officers to be given the power to issue penalty notices for the offence.

Speaking at last Week’s full council meeting at County Hall, Beverley Councillor Mally Boatman, who represents Goole’s south ward, proposed that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council adopt a zero-tolerance approach when dealing with people who do not clean up after their dogs.

And he put forward a proposal that parking enforcement officers should be given powers to issue penalty notice for dog fouling.

Coun Boatman said in the past year alone the authority had received more than 500 complaints from residents concerned about the state of pavements in the area.

He said: “Allowing Parking Enforcement Officers to take action against people who don’t clean up after their dog would greatly increase the Council’s capacity to deal with this problem and send a message that we won’t put up with dog fouling on our streets.”

Councillor Shelagh Finlay, who represents Bridlington’s south ward, said she was seconding the motion “on behalf of all responsible dog owners in Bridlington” and those who want the town to be clean and prosperous.

“As the major tourist destination in the East Riding it is vital that visitors are able to walk our streets, window shopping and taking in the spectacular views without fear of stepping in dog faeces.  

“We have 10 Civil Enforcement Officers in Bridlington who could utilise their time looking out for and fining any dog owner who does not clear up their pet’s mess,” Coun Finlay said.

An amendment was put forward and agreed upon at the meeting that the motion should be referred without discussion to the environment and regeneration overview and scrutiny sub-committee.

The matter is due to be discussed by the sub-committee on June 5.