Call for artists to help preserve piece of Brid’s maritime history

Work has begun on the Three Brothers sailing coble
Work has begun on the Three Brothers sailing coble

LOCAL artists have been given a unique chance to preserve a piece of Bridlington’s maritime history after work on a centenary sailing coble began.

Repairs to Bridlington’s 1912 sailing coble The Three Brothers are progressing well, with the first of the new planks being fitted to the boat’s hull by boat builders John Clarkson and Joe Gelsthorpe.

Each old plank that is removed is used as a template for its replacement.

Now, members of the Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society have offered the old planks from the boat to local artists to recycle into works of art.

Last month the society handed over £20,000 to Bridlington Harbour Commissioners for the renovation and members are delighted that the work has started in earnest.

Treasurer Mike Wilson said: “Local artists are being offered the discarded planks from the vessel so that these may be recycled and made into works of art.”

If anyone would like to create something from the old timbers, contact Mike Wilson on 609228.

Society funds are now low, which has led it to appeal for new Harbour Museum volunteers needed for next season.