Call for action at ‘polluted stream’

Rubbish at Gypsey Race, about which Cllr Colin Croft is calling for action.
Rubbish at Gypsey Race, about which Cllr Colin Croft is calling for action.

A town councillor is calling for action at a stream which has been targeted by flytippers, litterbugs and vandals for a number of years.

Cllr Colin Croft said Gypsey Race is “not safe at all”, because careless residents have dumped large amounts of waste in the stream, making it “a nasty accident waiting to happen”.

“People and their children come to feed the ducks which is a great advantage to us all, not many towns have this wonderful convenience,” he said.

“The water authority should deal with these problems before we lose everything we have and to avoid a nasty accident waiting to happen, and destroy our privilege on our wildlife.

“So much of the river is covered by vegetation which hides a lot of the dumping, but this may become apparent when this dies back during the winter months.”

Cllr Croft conducted a report of a stretch of Gypsey Race, and found it was riddled with shopping bags, plastic sheets, a bicycle, canvas sheets, wood, iron sheeting, bottles, cans and glass.

The findings have prompted him to call for action at Gypsey Race, to clear it of rubbish and prevent it being further polluted.

“Plastic bags can snare the wildlife and they can die,” cllr Croft added. “This report could go on and on, listing most of the environmental tragedy in the river.”

An Environment Agency spokesman said the responsibilty for clearing up Gypsey Race lies with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

A council spokesman said: “If Councillor Croft is able to provide a list of locations along the Gypsey Race that are of concern, the council will investigate those areas in which it may be able to offer assistance or to liaise with partners, including the Environment Agency and other Riparian Landowners, about areas they have responsibility for.”