Call for action against floods

Sewerby Road'Paths being cleaned after flooding caused by heavy rain'PA1127-26
Sewerby Road'Paths being cleaned after flooding caused by heavy rain'PA1127-26

RESIDENTS of a Bridlington road are calling for action to prevent the severe flooding and washed up sewage that blights their homes every time there is torrential rain.

Three homes on Sewerby Road are affected by the floods which can reach above doorstep level when the rain is particularly heavy – as it was last Friday.

The flooding is caused by the drain on a section of Sewerby Road backing up and overflowing whenever it has to cope with unusually high volumes of water.

Lisa Nixon has lived at 183 Sewerby Road for over 16-years and says that the floods have been happening the whole time she has been there.

“This has been going on for years, but recently it seems to be getting worse,” she said, “We’ve been flooded twice in the last three weeks and we just want something done about it.

“At one point we were told by the water board that we had a natural spring running underneath our house and that was causing the flooding.

“I pointed out that there was raw sewage in it and that you certainly wouldn’t want to be bottling it!”

Lisa had to have the downstairs of her home completely redecorated due to the damage caused by damp and her house also suffers from slug infestations following each period of flooding.

Last Friday’s flood also attracted youngsters in cars who repeatedly drove through the water at speed.

Lisa said: “They were laughing about it but I told them to stay away from it because I don’t think they realised they were getting splashed with raw sewage – I certainly wouldn’t let my children go out in it.”

Landlord Andrew Lowe has owned 181 Sewerby Road for the last 18 months and renovated the house before letting it out to tenants.

He is concerned that the flooding is undermining the foundations of the houses and wants something to be done about it.

“The floor is starting to rot, the sleepers are getting washed away and the floor has dropped, the houses are sinking,” he said.

“When the flooding is really bad it basically means that you can’t get in or out of the houses, you can’t open the door on the water, and you wouldn’t want to walk through sewage anyway.”

Representatives from Yorkshire Water, East Riding council and local councillor Richard Burton met with Mr Lowe and his fellow affected homeowners on Tuesday to discuss what can be done.

Mr Lowe said: “I was glad they all came down, because we need a speedy solution to it now – it has been going on too long.

“We were told that they would put cameras down there, though it can’t be blocked because it does disperse down the drain eventually, and I know they’ve had cameras down there before.

“They said that they will look at the rainfall levels last Friday and on June 23, but that isn’t really the point because this has happened every time there has been heavy rain in the last 16-years, not just on those two days.

“But I do think that the meeting was productive and I was told they would all get back to me by Tuesday to see where we can go from here.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “Any incident of flooding is something that we take extremely seriously and we are working hard with the residents affected, along with local authorities, to get to the bottom of the problem and towards implementing a solution to hopefully resolve any problems.”