Cafe re-opened for business

Tricia Bailey, Mike & Shelagh Finlay, Diane Akroyde
Tricia Bailey, Mike & Shelagh Finlay, Diane Akroyde

A well-known Bridlington cafe is back in business this week after an offical opening by Mayor of Bridlington Shelagh Finlay.

Diane Akroyde, 50, and Tricia Bailey, 48, have renovated the previously unoccupied building to ensure it is fit for business.

Tricia said: “It is great to get underway with the business. We have had a really good day and it has been nice to see the amount of people that care about Steps still.”

Mayor of Bridlington Shelagh Finlay was in attendance as she cut the red ribbon to declare the Step Cafe be open for business.

Tricia added: “It is fantastic that Shelagh could come down and cut the ribbon for us.

“People seemed to be pleased with their product and service so hopefully they will come back again.

“We hope to continue how we have started and make this business a success. We should be fine as Diane and myself are very passionate about it and we both feel we have a great future ahead.”

An exclusive offer will be avilable on the first day of trade with all customers getting 10% off their food and drink prices. The cafe is open between 9am and 4.30pm Tuesday to Sunday.